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Explosive device neutralisation systems (IED/EOD)

MobiCut®, a suitable cutting system for the neutralisation of explosive devices

Abrasive waterjet cutting is an excellent way to neutralise explosive devices. Because it is a cold cutting method, it is risk-free for the explosive. The cutting operation separates the sensitive part from the rest of the device, which is generally less sensitive, and can also be used to deconfine the explosive.

With MobiCut®, HYDROPROCESS® offers a mobile cutting device that can operate in situ, is easy to use, and does not require you to move the explosive device. Once the cutting system is installed, the cutting operation is controlled remotely from a secure location without risk to bomb disposal expert.

Our machines are mainly used for civil and military security.

Characteristics of our explosive device neutralisation machines

MobiCut®, mobile abrasive waterjet cutting system up to 2000 bar, with thermal or electric motor
Stationary abrasive waterjet cutting system up to 4000 bar, installed in a container or secure room
Motorised cutting head for circular cuts (trepanning and cross cutting) or linear cuts that can be integrated into a bomb disposal robot
Instrumentation and control system allowing the machine to be operated up to 300 m away from the device to be destroyed

Applications of our machines

On-site neutralisation of munitions
Dismantling of munition stocks
Dismantling in sensitive environments (presence of explosives, nuclear, etc.)