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Cutting machines for manufacturing industries

Waterjet cutting machines to suit your trade

HYDROPROCESS develops waterjet cutting machines that are designed especially to suit your specifications. We adapt our technologies to your types of material, whether flexible or rigid, by taking your trade requirements into account (unwinding, conveying, marking, viewing, soundproofing, inspection, measurement, quick change of production run, ergonomics, etc.). 

Characteristics of our waterjet cutting machines

Pure waterjet to cut flexible materials (foams, plastics, rubbers, leather, textiles, paper, etc.)
Abrasive waterjet (abrasive material added to the waterjet) to cut hard materials (composite materials, metals, concrete, tiles, etc.)
Five-axis cutting with poly articulated robots

A few applications of our waterjet cutting machines

Deburring composite panels
Cutting of carbon pre-preg fabric (rolls or sheets)
In-process cutting of materials
Dismantling explosive products in a secure room