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Waterjet cutting machines for the food sector

Waterjet cutting machines for the food sector

Advantages of our cutting machines

As well as ChefCut®, which is mainly made for small and medium-sized companies, HYDROPROCESS® also offers special machines that increase productivity for manufacturers and semi-industrial companies in the food sectors.

These machines generally have several cutting nozzles and are integrated into production lines. These machines are based on innovative principles and tried and tested solutions, designed according to your specifications and  to your integration requirements.

Characteristics of our waterjet cutting machines

Multi-nozzle machines with up to 25 nozzles.
Mobile nozzles with adjustable or fixed spacing, or fixed nozzles.
Cutting on a product-specific support, on cutting trays or a conveyor for integration into a line.
On still or moving products.
External or internal UHP generators from 7.5 to 55 kW.

A few applications of our waterjet cutting machines

Fresh or frozen products (pastries, delicatessen products, chocolate, etc.)
Continuous sponge cake cutting
Ham/cheese roll cutting
Continuous fruit cutting (apples, pears, etc.)