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Hydroforming machines and tools

For all parts that cannot be created by stamping

Push your manufacturing boundaries with hydroforming

Hydroforming lets you create metal parts in complex shapes by using pressures from a few bars up to 4000 bar. 

Over the years, HYDROPROCESS® has accumulated real expertise in making machines that can form cylindrical parts with undercuts, which would be impossible to make using conventional stamping processes. This technology, which is used in the aeronautics and automotive sectors, is currently finding new applications, particularly in the agri-food and energy production sectors.

We design and create hydroforming tools and develop the instrumentation and control system, including the pressure pump, in accordance with your specifications. In our 900 m² workshop, equipped with bridge cranes, we can assemble and test this equipment under real conditions. We can even carry out pre-production runs for our customers.

Equipment types

Hydroforming machines made for families of parts for press-free operation
Adaptation of stamping presses for hydroforming
Hydroforming tools
Hydroforming enclosures

A few applications of hydroforming

Shaping of metallic ferrules (steel, stainless, aluminium, titanium, etc.) for diameters up to 2 m and even more
Calibration of metal tubes (steel, stainless, etc.) by shrinkage on a master core at pressures of up to 4000 bar
Shaping of deep stamped parts on a press
Shaping of dished bottoms for tanks etc.